Steel City Soils-Waste Collection Service

The Compostable program is designed to capture nutrients and retain them for agriculture in our region.  When you see the CompostablePGH logo at your favorite restaurant, market, or coffee shop, you can be assured that your dollar supports building local nutrient cycles while revitalizing regional farmland and the green economy here in Pittsburgh.

Benefits to Your Business:


  • Reduce your landfill footprint
  • No extra work or cleanliness issues
  • Easy reporting for your records
  • Window stickers and signage provided
  • Connect with local, green businesses
  • Enrich urban farm soils

Collection Service Description

Acceptable Waste
We accept all pre- and post-consumer food scraps, unbleached paper products, and 100% sugar-cane packaging.  Other organic materials may be acceptable upon further discussion.
We drop empty 18-gallon totes at your site.  You fill the totes with organic wastes.  We pick up full totes and swap with fresh totes for clean, fast, and easy results.
We provide monthly reports estimating the amount of organic waste you recycle.
Schedule & Cost
We pick up the totes up to 3 times per week during business hours.  We charge per bin and bill bi-weekly.  The specifics depend on your location, type, and amount of waste.